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Literature, Specifications and Manuals

All downloads found here are free of charge and available for immediate download. Click the link and save to your PC, Tablet or Phone. Information contained in the files below is subject to change without notice.


Amerikart: (Rollcart, Recycle Bins, Industrial Carts)

3100 Blow Molded Series Literature
3300 Blow Molded Series Literature
Industrial Carts Literature

Kann: (Recycling Equipment, Single and Multi Stream)

Versa Haul - End Dump Recycle Bodies Literature
Versa Trailer - End Dump Trailer Literature
High Side Dump - Multi Compartment High Side Dump Literature
High Side Dump Trailer - Multi Compartment Trailer Literature
Single Bin Side Dump Containers Literature

Labrie: (Rear, Side and Front Loaders, Recycling Trucks)

Starlight - Front Loader Literature
Super Duty - Front Loader Literature
Leach 2R-III - Rear Loader Literature
Leach Alpha - Rear Loader Literature
Automizer Right Hand- Straight frame Automated truck Literature
Expert Helping Hand - Side Loader - Drop frame Full Automated Truck Literature
Expert Dual Hand - Drop frame Full Automated Truck, Twin arm Literature
Expert - Manual Side Loader Literature
Top Select - Recycling Truck Literature

Loadmaster: (Multi Platform Rear Loaders, Automated Truck)

Model 400 - Rear Loader Literature
Elite Rear - Loader Literature
Legacy Rear - Loader Literature
Excel Rear - Loader Literature
Automated Truck - Literature Coming Soon

Loughberry: (Leaf machines and Salt Spreaders)

Windy Series - Pull Behind Machines Literature
Hurrican Series - Self Contained Machines Literature
Typhoon Series - Automated Leaf Machines Literature
Highlander - Spreaders Literature

New Way: (Front, Rear and Side Loaders, Automated)

Mammoth - Front Loader Literature
Mamba - Satelite Side Loader Literature
Cobra - Rear Loader Literature
Cobra Magnum - Rear Loader Literature
King Cobra - Rear Loader Literature
Viper - Rear Loader Literature
Sidewinder XTR - Automated Side Loader Literature

Northshore: (Grapple Loaders)

Model 60 - Loader Literature
Model 80 - Loader Literature
Model 1010 - Loader Literature
Model 1300 - Loader Literature
Model 2200 - Loader Literature

Pak-Mor, Ltd: (Literature)

Coming Soon....

Petersen: (Grapple Loaders and Dump Trailers)

TL-3 Original Lightning Loader Literature
RL-3 Rear Mount Loader Literature
RS-3 Rear Steer loader Literature
TT-2 HD Dump Trailer Literature
Bl-3 Roll-Off Loader Literature
HL-3 Hooklift Loader Literature
PL-3 Roll-Off Loader Literature
TBH HD Trash Loader Literature
SL-3 Stationary Loader Literature

Rudco: (Rolloff Hoist, Containers and Compactors)

Self Contained Compactors Literature
Stationary Compactors Literature
Hopper Options for Compactors Literature
60,000# and 75,000# Hoist Literature
Standard Roll-Off Containers Literature
Tub Style Roll-Off Containers Literature
Recycling Containers Literature
Hooklift Containers Literature
Front Load Containers Literature

Tymco: (Multi Platform Sweepers)

Model 210 - Parking Lot Sweeper Literature
Model 435 - Mid Size Street Sweeper Literature
Model 600 - Municipal Street Sweeper Literature
Model 500X - High Side Dump Literature
Model HSP - High Speed Runway Sweeper Literature
Model DST-4 - Dustless Sweeper Literature
Modle DST-6 - Dustless Sweeper Literature

Xtreme Vac: (Leaf Machines)

XV6000 - Municipal Style 99hp pull behind Literature
XV500 - Debris Box Container Literature
XV6527 - 27hp Pull Behind Literature
XV8027 - 27hp Self Contained Literature
XV8031 - 31hp Self Contained Literature
LCT65 - 65hp Pull Behind Literature
SCL5TTM - 65hp Self Contained Literature