Container Hoist
Roll-Off and Hooklift hoist of all sizes

Pulling cans of debris, sludge or concrete? You need a hoist that has the power and strength to do it day in and day out! Rudco cable hoist and Ampliroll hooklifts have you covered! 
Container Hoist

No commercial fleet can be complete without a roll-off or hooklift truck. Both are designed to lift and haul the heaviest of loads in both a residential and commercial application. The Rudco roll-off hoist are known as the "Beast of the North" being built in New Jersey. That's why we like them! Huge main rails, HD cylinders and overbuilt design and construction. 

The Ampliroll uses the hooklift system as means of lifting, sliding and unloading the container. The advantage of the hooklift is the driver doesn't need to exit the vehicle when loading and unloading. 



Rudco Products Inc. has manufactured waste handling and recycling equipment for over 35 years. Our journey, however, began over 80 years ago.

Compactors: Various sizes and builds 
Hoist: Lite weight body, High Compaction 12, 20, 50, 60 and 70,000# 
Containers: Open top, recycling, Hooklift and roll-off containers 

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Ampliroll is the leading provider of hooklift systems in the US. Specializing in excellent customer service, our experienced team is ready to assist you with innovative products, replacement parts and distributor opportunities.

Amplorill has 30 different hoist configurations. From small 36" hook, 10,000# hoist to 60,000# large 63 1/4" hooks. Lets us match a hoist to your operation and needs. 

Learn more about them here: About Ampliroll

Video examples of container hoist: