Front Loaders
The commercial beast that eats garbage! 

Commercial applications demand a truck that can pack and pack a lot! There are a lot of variables in building just the right front loader. Size, maneuverability, type of waste stream .... just to name a few. But we have you covered! 


New Way

When it is strength, durability and reliability that you need from a front load truck, there is no task too heavy for these behemoths. With both full-size and lighter-weight options, the Mammoth line has outpaced the competition in performance; making the competitors' trucks nothing short of extinct by comparison.

Mammoth: High Compaction 34 -44yds
Mammoth Western Series: Lite weight body, High Compaction 34-44yds

Learn more about them here: About New Way

Labrie: Wittke

Wittke™ front loaders are strong and dependable. With the fastest and smoothest arm cycle in the industry, your operation will be fast and clean. Lower maintenance costs will also help your bottom line. 

Starlight: Lite weight body, High Compaction 40yds
Superduty: High Compaction -  40yds

Featherweight: Ultra lite weight body, high compaction 40yds

Learn more about them here: About Labrie: Wittke

Video examples of front loaders: