Grapple Loaders
Storm damage, bulk waste and yard debris 

The originator of the municipal grapple loader, Petersen has refined the design to make the standard of bulk waste collection. 
Grapple Loaders

Built in Lake Wales Florida, Petersen had its start in the citrus industry designing and making citrus loaders. In the 1970s, they were asked to design a municipal bulk waste loader. The Lightning loader was born! Now the most popular and industry standard! 

Petersen has several different configurations to choose from. From the traditional and most popular TL-3 Lightning loader to the beast "Atlas" loader. They have a configuration to fit your bulk waste collection needs. 


Petersen Lightning Loaders

Consider the possibilities if you incorporate one of our grapple trucks into your bulky waste program. Communities, neighborhoods, and homeowners will all benefit from the speedy, precise, and effective bulk collection from the streets. Petersen Industries has made it as easy as possible to clean up trash with durable, reliable equipment.

TL-3: Grapple loader with dump body
BL-3: Frame mounted loader with roll-off hoist

CL-3: Citrus loader

CP-3: Container transport
DL-3: High capacity loader
HL-3: Hoollift mount loader, swap off
PL-3: Roll-off mounted loader, swap off
RL-3: Rear mount grapple loader
RS-3: Rear steer grapple loader
SL-3: Stationary loader
TT-2: Trash dump trailer
Route Assist: TL-3 with side bucket tipper
Atlas: Heavy duty grapple loader

Learn more about them here: About Petersen

Video examples of grapple loaders: