Rear Loaders
The workhorse of any fleet! 

Every refuse fleet relies on their rear loaders. From house hold trash, recycling, yard waste to demolition; rear loaders will always be needed to handle
the heavy load! 

Our Manufacturers:


Loadmaster is an American made rear loader out of Norway Michigan. Specializing in heavy duty, high compaction rear loaders, they are visible in almost every fleet in the Carolinas. 

Excel: High Compaction 20-33yds
Legacy: Mid Compaction 11-25yds

Elite: Small body, Ultra high compaction 6-11yds

400: The original beast for demolition 20-31yds 
Enviromaster "DT": Split body, dual stream rear loader 20 and 25yd

Learn more about them here: About Loadmaster

New Way

New Way's full line of rear-loaders far exceeds what customers have come to expect in this style refuse truck. With a model to fit the needs of any size waste management operation, each garbage truck is designed for compaction, durability, quality and productivity that sets a high bar in industry standards. 

King Cobra Ultra High Compaction 20-32yds
Cobra Magnum: High Compaction 20-32yds

Cobra: Mid compaction 9-25yds

Viper: Mid compaction, smaller body 11-25yds 
Diamondback: Compact, low profile, mid compaction 6-8yds

Learn more about them here: About New Way

Labrie: Leach 

Labrie and the Leach product line are a proven rear loader with a reputation for long lasting durable bodies. AS one of the oldest lines still in production, Leach has strong features and options for any route! 

2R-II and 2R-III: High Compaction 20-32yds
Alpha -III: Mid Compaction 14-29yds

Leach Mini: Small body, mid compaction 8-17yds

Leach Split: Dual stream, split body, high compaction 25 and 32yds 

Learn more about them here: About Labrie: Leach

Video examples of rear loaders: