Residential Roll-Carts
Any size, Any Color and now In-Stock 

Heavy duty roto-molded design, the Toter can offer more features and options on a cart that will outlast any other cart out there! Tired of cracking, lid issues, expensive repairs and replacement? Try Toter! 

Advanced Rotational Molding™ eliminates built-in stress, weakness and brittleness associated with injection molded products. In addition, Toter’s use of linear medium density polyethylene (MDPE) is specifically engineered for toughness and high-impact resistance. In contrast, injection-molded carts are made with high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is rigid, brittle and offers poor impact resistance. 

Toter Roll-Carts



If you think all cans are the same, you’ve clearly never owned a Toter®. Because no matter what you throw at them—or in them—our cans can handle it with ease. It’s that extreme durability that makes them the clear choice of cities and waste haulers across the nation. With RFID options, bear proofing and 

EVR II: Universal Cart, granite finish available 21- 96 gallon
EVR I: Universal Cart, 32-96 gallon
FEL: Plastic front loader containers
Recycling Bins: 16-24 gallon

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Video examples of Toter carts: