Side Loaders
From fully automated to manual collection 

The biggest changes in residential refuse collection has been with the side loader design. From manually sling the bags into, to adding roll cart tipper s to the fully automated "cart grabber" style arms produced today. 
Side Loaders

Side loaders have seen the most change over the last 70 years. First released in the late 1940s, side loaders started as round barrel loaders for manual residential collection. Fast forward to today and through many revisions, the side loader is the fast growing segment of the refuse collection equipment. 

Each of the manufacturers we represent make hardworking and dependable side loaders. Each with their own strengths to match up to your individual needs. From 14yds to 35yds, we custom build your unit exactly how you need it! 



Loadmaster is am American made rear loader out of Norway Micigan. Specializing in heavy duty, high compaction rear loaders, they are visible in almost every fleet in the Carolinas. 

Eclipse: High Compaction 25-34yds

Learn more about them here: About Loadmaster

New Way

When New Way® saw that were was going to be a market shift to automated garbage trucks, they sent their engineers across the country to research everything that was available. After seeing the good and the bad the market had to offer, the engineers came back to New Way® to design custom, innovative automated side loaders that are built for the long haul.

Sidewinder XTR:  High Compaction 20-31yds
Rotopac: Auger packer, High Compaction 25-27yds

Learn more about them here: About New Way


The industry recognizes the Labrie™ brand by its signature seamless bodies and strong arms and as waste collection continues to develop.

Automizer Right-Hand: High Compaction 22-31yds
Automizer Helping-Hand: HIgh Compaction 22-31yds

Automizer Transformer: High compaction, bucket loader 22-31yds

Expert Helping-Hand: drop frame, high compaction 22-31yds 
Minimax: Small body, high compaction 10-14yds 
Alleygator AGR: Organics, pendulum pack,  high compaction 20-30yds 
Alleygator ZERO: Organics, pendulum pack,  zero kick out arm, high compaction 20-30yds 

Learn more about them here: About Labrie

Video examples of side loaders: